1-Tagesworkshop zur Bedarfsanalyse für
maßgeschneiderte Copilot-Lösungen

The first step to building your dream AI co-pilot!

Are you on your way to developing your own AI assistant? Or are you looking for a solution for a complex automation use case?  

A specific use case for the use of AI in customer service in industry is the automation of technical support for machines and equipment.

Automated customer requests Support with the ITVT Copilot solution

Problem: Companies in the energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries often deal with a variety of complex customer inquiries and technical support requests. These requests require detailed and specific knowledge, which means companies need to provide a large team of professionals to ensure quick and accurate responses. This leads to high costs and logistical challenges. 

Solution with AI: By using AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants, customer service can be automated and improved. These intelligent systems can analyze and categorize customer inquiries and provide immediate answers or route the request to the right expert. The ITVT Copilot solution uses AI to recognize patterns in the requests and offer solutions from a knowledge base. This allows companies to increase efficiency, reduce response times, and increase customer satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs.

Die auf dem Markt erhältlichen KI-Assistenten und die in Ihrer Software integrierten automatisierten Workflows wurden auf der Grundlage allgemeiner Anwendungsfälle entwickelt, was für Benutzer mit individuellen Bedürfnissen eine Herausforderung darstellen kann. Die Lösungen erfordern oft eine gewisse Anpassungsarbeit und den wichtigsten ersten Schritt: die Identifizierung der Benutzeranforderungen 

Aus diesem Grund bieten wir nun eine fachkundige Anleitung in unserem 1-Tages-Workshop zur Bedarfsanalyse für maßgeschneiderte Copilot-Lösungen an! 

Based on our experience and expertise in data and artificial intelligence across various industries, we offer a workshop to help you to review and identify your specific AI use case, and advise you on how to proceed based on the technologies that exist in your organization.

What does the 1-day workshop session include?

  • Kick-off meeting to review the customer’s technology stack and expectations for AI
  • Identification and definition of the use case 
  • Proposal for a cloud-based architecture with Azure services such as Azure Open AI, Azure AI Search, and Azure App Service
  • ROI-Analysis  
  • Discuss the results with the client and provide a summary and recommendations for implementation  

Our 1-day workshop session costs €2,985 with a 50% discount if you are confirmed as a participant of our ITVT x Microsoft Roadshow in Hamburg on June 20, 2024. 

For booking inquiries and further information about our workshop offer, please use our contact form.

Participants of the Hamburg Roadshow 2024 will receive a 50% discount and thus only pay €1,500:

Book your workshop session today! 

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